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Friday, April 8, 2011

Misty Night Red Fox

This past week has brought a new character to the camera trap at the pond in our backyard. Since April 3rd, I have gotten nine red fox photos. That camera has been on the dike for a month now and these are the first fox photos. I am unsure if there is more than one fox but I do know the travel pattern is bidirectional. Why does that matter? I am not sure. But it does tell me that this spot is on his/her/their routine both coming and going. I hope the old den is in use again this year. Yesterday was a very foggy night but I still like the photo that resulted.
Red fox in the mist (Seneca Falls, NY 4/11)

I have to go all the way back to January to find a decent red fox photo this year. And I still have no photos of a gray fox. That is unusual for me.

The photos below are both from the same night and are an excellent example of size comparison between the red fox and the eastern coyote. Note how the two animals are following the exact same path (not surprising as they were both trying to keep their feet as dry as possible). If they are not the same distance from the camera, the size comparison can be misleading.

Red fox (Seneca Falls, NY 1/11)
Eastern coyote (Seneca Falls, NY 1/11)
The coyote is much larger than the fox. This is helpful information when trying to determine who left those canid tracks in the snow (or mud). The stride and straddle should both be helpful in telling the two apart. I do not think the fox was walking with his tail up, rather I think we caught him as he was carefully picking his way through this wet area and perhaps swinging the tail for balance. The photos are about 21 hours apart...

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