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Saturday, May 14, 2011

The end of the semester...

This was the last full week of the semester for us and therefore is ALWAYS a hectic time. Add to that my daughter's tuba solo and basketball tournament and it was particularly bad. But twice I found time to post only to discover that Blogger was having a worse week than I and was unable to add new content. My window of free time is about to close again but I thought I would take a quick moment to salute the end of another successful semester.

Humpback whale (Newfoundland, 7/03)
 I have been a teacher my entire adult life. While an undergrad, I worked each summer as a camp counselor. As a public school teacher, I taught science to every grade from 6th to 12th. While at Utah State University, I was a TA each trimester and while I lived in Hawaii, I taught full-time at the local high school, adjuncted at the community college on Saturdays and taught Sunday school at our church. On Tuesday, I will have completed my 17th year at FLCC. I hope I never take my career for granted. I hope I attack each new semester with the same enthusiasm I did my first. I hope I never stop learning alongside my students.

I did not enter college thinking I was going to be a teacher. I was not particularly fond of high school and was a bit of a trouble maker. It was more of a fluke that I stumbled upon education as a profession. But those are stories for another day...


  1. trouble-makers....weren't we all! :)

    The semester has all but ended here as well.

    Have a good summer, John!

  2. It was a very good semester. Have a great summer


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