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Monday, June 13, 2011

American Robin nesting in a bicycle helmet

American robin nest in bike helmet
(6/11, Seneca Falls NY)
I picked up my daughter yesterday from her friend's house and found that they had also been playing host to an American robin pair that decided to build a nest inside a bicycle helmet hanging from the handles of a bike resting inches from their back door. According to Amy, it took only a single short day for the robins to build the nest. Although she laid three eggs, only two hatched. The female quickly became accustomed to people coming and going from the house. She even holds tight when the family dog sits on the step only two feet away.

Today I went back to the house with my camera and took 14 photos. Here, I present the two best. Robins are so common that most people recognize one when they see it. However, few people know a robin well enough that they could describe details like the white around the eye, the streaking under the chin or the tail spots on the outer rectrices. I challenge my students to spend time familiarizing themselves with the everyday species. I would challenge you to do the same!
American robin nest in bicycle helmet
(6/11, Seneca Falls NY)

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