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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wetland Birds

Raccoon on misty night
(Seneca Falls, NY 9/2011)
I moved two cameras to our little wetland area two nights ago. The weather has been bad, with lots of rain both nights. On the first night, I only got raccoon photos. Not that I am complaining, but I was hoping for muskrats. I set the camera trap near some fresh looking 'rat tracks.... We had some heavy fog as you can see in this photo.

Last night produced no new photos. I am not entirely surprised as it rained heavily most of the night. However, I did manage two nice bird photos.

Green heron
(Seneca Falls, NY 9/2011)
This photo shows a green heron. We have loads of tadpoles, frogs and even some fish in our wetland s there should be plenty for this guy to eat. Green herons are also known to eat insects like dragonflies. On the day I set out this camera trap, I spooked up a great egret, so I am hoping for some more wading bird pics to come!

Greater yellowlegs
(Seneca Falls, NY 9/2011)
I have to admit that shorebirds are not my specialty, but I think I have this one identified correctly. I am making this a greater yellowlegs. Most of these have already migrated through and it will be interesting to see how long I get photos of this one before it too heads south.

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  1. Nice shots! Really like the Green Heron.

    We're getting pelted with rain and 40 mph winds now in the midwest! I think my cams will not be getting much action!


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