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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My First Bat Photo

Bat in flight
(Richmond, NY 9/2011)
At our Muller Field Station, we have a storage building that has bats roosting in the seems between the boards. So I set up a camera trap by clamping a 2x4 scab to the eave of the overhang. Well, after two weeks I managed a single bat photo! This was not the first time I tried to get a photo of a bat. I read somewhere that researchers used an eraser suspended from a wire to draw bats to the camera. However, that attempt (written about here) produced no bat photos. I mention all of this because I am sure by now you have seen the photo I am so excited about and are a bit underwhelmed..... But I was excited to see the results. One wing is better than none! :)

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