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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Red Fox dinner

Eastern cottontail
(Seneca Falls, NY 3/12)
Pulled both of my cameras today. One had dead batteries and the other one was frozen shut! The camera in the back field continues to produce nice results. Eastern cottontails are common on our property, partly due to our efforts to create habitat. Any limbs that fall in the yard are collected and made into brush piles. Succession is turning old farm fields into shrublands. And the rabbits (among other species) have responded. Danika, my daughter, is particularly pleased since rabbits are one of her favorite animals.
Besides a few cottontail photos, I captured images of opossum, raccoon, gray squirrel and red fox.

Note the time stamp on this photo. It's a nice pic but nothing too special...
Red fox
(Seneca Falls, NY 3/12)
Apparently, it was a good night of hunting. I am assuming that the photo below is the same fox, 36 minutes later. What a great photo!!! ...unless you are a rabbit or a rabbit-lover (sorry Danika)
Red fox carrying eastern cottontail
(Seneca Falls, NY 3/12)


  1. That's awesome. The Van Niel Estate runneth over with critters!

  2. DANG!

    Nothing like a predation shot!

  3. Top drawer picture and it looks good being in colour with a snowy ground.......


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