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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Touch of gray

After about a year-long dry spell in regards to gray fox, I am getting photos on three different cameras. Even if this is one individual instead of several, I am happy for the results. I am under the weather today and not feeling chatty. But I have some nice images to share, so scroll through and enjoy.

This is probably the best photo. It seems that I have a very high percentage of gray foxes that have their heads turned away from the camera. Nice to see the face here...
Gray fox
(Seneca Falls, NY 11/12)
Two interesting photos of very different gaits. Look at the careful stride of this top photo compared to the longer pace of the lower photo. Sure wish there was snow on the ground to compare tracks.

Finally, I have a camera set on a mossy downed limb. It is an interesting set and I was intending it to be for rodents. One of my first images was this gray fox, right in the camera's face...
Gray fox walks on log
(Seneca Falls, NY 11/12)


  1. I just got through reading about "Camera Trapping Campus'" grays, and head back the dashboard to see your pics! I love gray foxes, I don't think I could ever get tired of them. That last picture is my favorite. Feel better, sore nose?

  2. Very cool. I really like little Urocyon. They were so common in NC when we lived there, and now I never see them. Makes me a bit sad.....


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