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Friday, December 2, 2016

The Camera Trap Tells the Story

One of my favorite parts of camera trapping is when the photos tell a story. I don't mean a single image that one can interpret, I mean a series of images that tell a tale from beginning to end. Today I pulled three SD cards and found such a series.

Chapter 1: The Coyote. I made this particular set over six weeks ago and in that time coyotes have shown up frequently. Other predators captured include red and gray fox and a neighbor's cat. But this particular coyote looks large and majestic.
Coyote's first appearance of the night

Coyote heads north, away from the camera

Chapter 2: Eastern Cottontail. About an hour later I captured this Eastern Cottontail. Rabbit captures have been common at this set, complimented by gray squirrel captures during the daylight.
Eastern Cottontail about an hour after the Coyote left
Chapter 3: The eyes have it. Look in the distance, in the direction the coyote was last heading. See the eye shine? Could it be the coyote?
Eastern Cottontail with a coyote in the distance

Here is the same photo cropped! I think that IS the coyote.
Eastern Cottontail with coyote eye shine in the background

Chapter 4: The End. A good story can still hold its own even when the action takes place off screen. Here we see that those were indeed the coyote's eyes in the distance. This particular rabbit met its end on this warmer than average morning. I kept the set active. Perhaps another story will emerge. Perhaps in that next story the rabbit will get away...
Coyote captures eastern cottontail

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  1. Great sequence of photos. It's not often you get so much of the story in photos.


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