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Friday, March 4, 2011

I kid you not!

Yesterday I showed you some bighorn sheep photos, today let me share a pair of mountain goat shots I took in Montana last month. On the last day of my mountain lion tracking workshop, I spotted a pair of mountain goats on the top of, well, a mountain. I zoomed in and took several shots. The sky was clear blue and it made the goats all that much easier to see. Scroll down and have a look at the sheep photos from yesterday and see that there is no way anyone should confuse these two animals. Yet they do. On several occasions, I have had people argue that female bighorns were mountain goats because the horns were not large enough (discussed yesterday). My favorite was the woman that mistook bighorns for elk saying "I saw elk yesterday and they looked just like that." I try not to argue or get arrogant, but sometimes I cannot help myself...
Mountain goat (Montana, 2/11)

ANYWAY.... Here is a nice close up of one of the mountain goats in Montana. It wasn't until I got home and enlarged it that I noticed the radio collar. Mountain goats are white all year long. After taking a bunch of photos with the telephoto, I switched to a smaller lens to show what kind of habitat these guys look for. You are going to have to look closely for a small white spot on the top of that rock face to spot this one. Oh and if you haven't figured out the reason for the title yet, young goats are "kids"...

Mountain goat, habitat shot (Montana, 2/11)

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