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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Favorite Faux Marten

Danika, Age 8 (Newfoundland)
 All this talk about martens reminded me that Danika dressed as a marten once. In 2004, Laura, Danika and I went to Newfoundland for our summer vacation. We flew to St. John's and camped in Terra Nova National Park. Danika was eight years old and we dropped her off at the kid's program at the visitor's center.The focus of the activity was "forest creatures" in general and the marten in particular. Martens are endangered in Newfoundland and the kids each made headbands with marten ears to wear. They learned about the adaptations that helped martens survive. Here is a photo of a slightly embarassed Danika Marten...

We saw many things on that trip, but one that stands out in particular was a bald eagle encounter. We took a tour in the bay and the captain brought along a cooler full of frozen fish. The eagles had become accustomed to taking the fish from the surface of the water and I was able to get some amazing pictures.

Captain Danika

Bald eagle (Terra Nova National Park, Newfoundland, Canada, 2004)


  1. This is cool. There's a Terra Nova National Park. hmm is this where fox came up with their idea for 'Terra Nova'?

  2. John were there any dinosaurs there? hehe

  3. Only ones with feathers.... ask Krager..


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