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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Suet as camera trap bait

We were in the Dollar Store last week and I saw suet cakes for sale. On an impulse, I bought two -- one was a berry blend and the other nuts. I figured the price was right (FYI: I subsequently learned that the same suet cakes are 97 cents at Walmart -- six cent fail!) and it would make for interesting results. On Sunday I crumbled up half of the berry suet and put the pieces in front of the camera I have set in the back scrubby area. Today I checked and rebaited. All the suet was gone. I did not get many photos bit a nice diversity.

Species 1: Striped skunk (compare to the skunks in this post. Is it a new or known skunk?)
Striped skunk
(Seneca Falls, NY 2/12)

Species 2: Blue Jay. There are three in this photo. I obtained five photos of Blue Jays; one contained a Red-bellied Woodpecker as well.
Blue Jays
(Seneca Falls, NY 2/12)
Species 4 (remember the Red-bellied not shown): Opossum
Opossum foraging
(Seneca Falls, NY 2/12)
Species 5: Red fox
Red fox
(Seneca Falls, NY 2/12)
Species 6: Gray Squirrel. I expected more squirrel photos
Gray squirrel
(Seneca Falls, NY 2/12)
A fun two days of results. I found it unusual that each mammal species appeared only once -- and each individual stayed only long enough to be photographed once. Only the Blue Jays stayed long enough for multiple photos.

I rebaited so I should have more results in a few days....

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  1. To me, the only one that skunk kind of looks like is #7. But, it is hard to tell. I can get you a big hunk of suet the next time my mom gets a quarter cow, which should be fairly soon.


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