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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Texas Bobcat!

Quick post as I do not have much time!

Bobcat track
(Austin, TX 2/12)
 I am near Austin, Texas this week for a workshop and brought along a Cuddeback Capture. I arrived at the lodging Friday at 4:30 pm and was out on their hiking trail by 4:45 looking for a likely location. I found some OLD bobcat tracks in the mud and hoped to get lucky. It rained for the first 30 hours I was here and I got no photos the first night. But it cleared up last night and I literally ran out to check the camera before breakfast. i found fresh bobcat tracks on the hiking trail and I just "knew" I caught an image of my first bobcat. I opened the camera and it indicated two photos. I had to get all the way back to my room and fire up the laptop to confirm what I already knew. I couldn't have asked for a better portrait for my first bobcat!

I have two more nights of trapping. :) I showed the photo to one of the staff members and she asked me to please not show any of the guests so they wouldn't be afraid... sigh.....

Bobcat on the prowl
(Austin, Tx 2/12)


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