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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Woodchuck IV: I get by with a little help from my friends

Feral cat inspects woodchuck hole
(Seneca Falls, NY 3/12)
It has been a week since I posted anything about the woodchucks in our backyard. I have accumulated some interesting stuff that will be the subject of upcoming posts. Today was reserved for trying to learn how to use basic video editing software. So I cobbled together some footage of the OTHER critters that have been showing up at the woodchuck burrow. This guy gets more visitors than we do! I had a hard time uploading the video to this site so I have provided a link to it on YouTube. Hope you enjoy!


  1. This is your debut into video production and editing. I would say perhaps directing- but I'm not sure you have any control over those critters :)

    This is an awesome compilation, thank you so much for sharing! I'd love for you to share this with the club.

  2. Nicely done JVN! This could add a whole new dynamic to your blog. I look forward to uses of video in future posts.

  3. I love me some whistlepigs! (and dislike those feral cats!)


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