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Friday, April 13, 2012

Woodchuck VI: Stretching and Yawning with Groundhog Yoga

(Seneca Falls, 4/12)
The Cuddeback Attack continues to produce some interesting video. Did you know woodchucks yawn? Yawn and stretch? In a way that makes them look like they are doing yoga? No? Well then! Check out the video below. As you watch, think about the purpose of the stretching. Woodchucks are known for spending a lot of time underground. Is the stretching simply a reaction to being up and out in the open? Or is this more of a reaction to waking up after a winter-long hibernation?

The video is a montage of several yawns and stretches but I saved the best one for last


  1. This is a great comp. My favorite is 1:45! He/she looks so stoic.

  2. Agian, exellent use of video. It sure looks like it prefers the downward facing dog yoga position :)

  3. This woodchuck really knows how to wake up. I have been seeing lots of Woodchuck action as well. I like seeing the different postures they make.

  4. Yawning is cute on them, but not so much with people!


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