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Monday, September 17, 2012

A different perspective

I wasn't trying to be creative. It was only out of necessity that I placed my Cuddeback Capture camera on an angled limb high above my head. You see, I wanted to know what has been using a trail in my south hedgerow and the underbrush simply prevented a good view without some major trimming. And I had no tools or motivation to do the work. So I located a branch that grew above the trail and set the camera as high as I could. That was five days ago. I am only getting deer photos. I wonder if I need to asjust the aim of the camera in order to get anything smaller.

White-tailed deer
Seneca Falls, 9/12)
I hate to be picky but I am not entirely happy with the angle of the photos. They look "interesting". Perhaps it will grow on me...
Anyway, have a look at the darker winter coat coming in on this doe. The summer coat is not only redder in color but is also thinner. She appears to have at least one fawn with her.

Here is a blurry photo of a doe but the coat is just too interesting not to post:

Doe growing her winter coat
(Seneca Falls, NY 9/12)

Finally, a buck. Not a very wide rack, indicating he is probably young. The photo was very foggy so I added a lot of shadow.
White-tailed deer, male
(Seneca Falls, NY 9/12)

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  1. I like it! If I had more [reliable] cameras, I'd do the same...I'd like to see your set up, you should take a picture of the set.


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