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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The trickster takes offense

Twice this week I have been thwarted by critters. Here is the first. Technically, I am incorrect when I say "this week" since the event I am about to share happened in February. In my defense, I just received these photos two days ago. We work with two educator/researchers in Massachusetts regarding black bear sign. I have written a few posts about Nick and Val but here is one entry discussing trail cameras specifically. It had been a year since Nick and Val had sent us any photos but I received a CD in the mail on Thursday. I unwrapped this early Christmas gift with much anticipation. Santa must have thought I was good this year.

One simple story to share is this one of a coyote being far to curious about the camera. I have never had this happen before. For perspective, here is a nice shot of a coyote as they normally act around the camera trap -- total disregard.
Eastern coyote
(Quabbin Reservoir, MA 2/12)
But in December of last year, a coyote came upon the camera, grabbed the strap and started at it.
Eastern coyote with camera trap
(Quabbin Reservoir, MA 12/11)
I spent a lot of time looking at this photo to make sure it isn;t a domestic dog. But I am convinced this is a coyote. Feel free to comment with other opinions.

And there the camera laid for weeks and weeks until Nick checked it and remounted it. Today I made a new set at our back pond and before I left I wrapped that strap around the tree until it was tight :)

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  1. When Nick and Val came to do the tracking workshop with TWS back in February, they brought the strap with them and told us the story. I can't believe we didn't tell you (or maybe we did...)! Such a bizarre story, but awesome pictures. To me, that first picture looks wolfy. I know, I know. But just a thick muzzle....


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